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My credit is not good, can Mobile help?

At Mobile Finance we look at a much broader and realistic set of factors in deciding to approve applicants than other lenders do. We realize that occasionally bad things happen to good people, and that our customers only need a hand up to get approved for a vehicle. While recent automotive repossessions are a concern for us, your past credit history is not as important to us as your present and future! Apply now!

I have been discharged from bankruptcy, or am currently in bankruptcy proceedings

We will approve applicants who have gone bankrupt or are currently in proceedings. Usually we will need to speak with your trustee to ensure that you are able to support a vehicle payment, but bankruptcy is not an impossible obstacle for Mobile Finance!


The income guidelines are in place to ensure that you are able to comfortably afford a vehicle payment and to avoid a situation where you are having difficulty affording your lease payments. The minimum income required is about $1700 gross (before taxes) per month. We also accept a range of income sources besides employment including FMEP, CTC, Long-Term Disability, Pension, etc.


Full time employment and being past the probationary period of your current job are the first requirements of getting approved with Mobile Finance. We want to make sure that it is unlikely you will lose your job to avoid a situation where the vehicle needs to be returned. We will sometimes be lenient if other aspects of your application are strong, such as if you are new to your position but you have worked in the same industry for a long period prior.


It is important that approved applicants have remained at their current address for a length of time to indicate that you have a stable address. Typically the guideline is 6 months, but if you meet the other qualifications besides this residence requirement, and have lived in the same city or area, we will certainly consider you for an approval, please send Mobile your application for review!


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